Geometry Measurement

Within the engineering industry, laser alignment systems are now indispensable to the production, operation and maintenance of modern machinery. 


 They can be used to measure and control straightness, flatness, alignment, parallelism, and perpendicularity, within both a static and a dynamic environment. Precision mechanical engineering and accurate machine operation guarantee high-quality products.

These days, companies depend heavily upon precision measuring and alignment systems, both for the sake of quality control, and for the surveillance of modern industrial plants. For example, the ADS measuring system can handle the detection of the position, and the doctor blade follow-up, of a paper coating machine for zero-position control, thus ensuring a uniformly thick application of paint upon high-quality paper.

This is only one example of an innovative and practical solution which can be applied using precision products by RAYTEC SYSTEMS. Are you looking for a different solution? Just ask us!