Dimensional Measurement

Countless areas of research and production require that the geometric measurements of two- or three-dimensional parts (e.g. compounds, mechanical components, workpieces) are captured with the highest of accuracy. 

GEPARD Sender und Empfänger S4R (zylindrisch)
GEPARD Sender und Empfänger S4R (zylindrisch)

This applies as much to the precision manufacturing of parts as it does to the monitoring of production processes, because even the slightest deviation from allowed “values” can result in significant disturbances or even damage. The following are some examples of measurement dimensions:

  • Distance, length, width, height, thickness
  • Wall thickness
  • Radius, diameter, angle
  • Perpendicularity
  • Straightness, flatness, deflection
  • Parallelism
  • Shape

Resulting measurements should be quickly available and allow for easy evaluation, further processing and/or saving. In addition to delivering precise measuring results down to the micrometre range, precision systems from RAYTEC SYSTEMS offer modern data handling in accordance with current standards.

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