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GEPARD M4 cubic

The M4, the new generation of GEPARD: The components could not only be made smaller (which was enabled by the compact cylindrical housing among other things), but also on board as standard there are powerful NiMH rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth wireless data transmission.

For this reason, the GEPARD™ M4 continues to be the first choice when easy and fast alignment and measurement work is involved and the highest precision is demanded. Using the real-time measurement display, objects can be aligned, adjusted and measured on-line. The user-friendly WIN-GEPARD application software automatically recognises GEPARD™ measuring devices in the vicinity and logs the results of the measuring task.  

GEPARD™ Transmitter S4K (cubic)

GEPARD™ Transmitter / Receiver (cubic)
GEPARD™ Transmitter / Receiver (cubic)

The GEPARD laser transmitters are the reference for an exact measurement. They therefore use a highly stable fibre-coupled semiconductor laser which emits in the visible range. Because of the ingenious calibration mechanism inside the casing, fast and precise align-ment of the laser beam for measurement is ensured and the WIN-GEPARD user software makes it very easy to adjust the laser. The cubic GEPARD laser systems are extremely well suited for the measurement of planar systems (guides, surface plates etc.) 

GEPARD™ Receiver E4K (cubic)

GEPARD™ Receiver E4K (cubic)
GEPARD™ Receiver E4K (cubic)

In the receiver, an optoelectronic position sensor detects the position of the focal point of the laser beam with the highest precision (1ppm resolution).  Because of the use of digital signal processing, most disturbance variables from the measurement environment can be eliminated through optimum processing of the measurement data. The measurements detected in this way are transmitted to the data evaluation computer over a serial interface (using Bluetooth or fibre optics).

Technical data transmitter

Transmitter GEPARD5 S4K
Laser power ≤ 1 mW
Laser class 2
Laser wave length approx. 650 nm (red)
Laser beam profile circular optimised Gaussian distribution
Laser beam diameter in 20 m approx. 6 mm
Power supply NiMH rechargeable battery 1.5 V type AA
Dimensions L x H x W 141 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight 650 g incl. rechargeable battery
Micro-fine adjustment yes
Optical-mechanical alignment -

Technical data receiver

Measuring range (x/y) 5 x 5 mm 15 x 15 mm
Measuring range resolution 0,1 μm 0,5 μm
Linearity ¹) ²) 0,4 ‰ 0,5 ‰
Reproducibility ¹) ²) ± 0,25 μm ± 0,5 μm
Power supply ³) NiMH 1,5 V type AA NiMH 1,5 V type AA
Radio data transmission range up to 100 m up to 100 m
Dimensions L x W x H 141 x 50 x 50 mm 141 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight 570 g incl. rechargeable battery 570 g incl. rechargeable battery
Measuring distance 0-15 m 0-30 m
Optical-mechanical alignment - -

¹) Data at 20°C ²) Within 80 % of the measurement range ³) From NiMH rechargeable battery or power supply unit


Software RAYTEC WIN-GEPARD with unique adaptive measuring. Measurement of straightness,
parallelism, perpendicularity, position, alignment
System requirements Windows, current PC generation (Windows XP, Vista


Pentagonal prism Max. angular error 3 arc sec.
Remote control Infra-red remote control for activating measurement externally
Stand Stable tripod (20 kg) with magnetic plate for secure attachment of the transmitter/receiver