GEPARD 3D: precision laser alignment system with distance measuring

With the 3D extension the RAYTEC GEPARD high-precision laser measuring and alignment system now features an integrated distance measuring function.

Quick and easy


The distance measuring device is simply attached to the GEPARD transmitter using suitable mountings. A reflector for the distance measuring beam is fastened on the GEPARD receiver. Using the convenient Measure Distance feature of the WIN-GEPARD software, the GEPARD receiver can be positioned virtually anywhere along the Z axis-GEPARD 3D and WIN-GEPARD then measure the distance between transmitter and receiver. 

GEPARD 3D Installation
GEPARD 3D Installation

Supreme measurement comfort thanks to automatic distance measuring

The GEPARD receiver can be positioned anywhere along the Z axis—the software then takes over by automatically measuring the distance between transmitter and receiver and outputting the results in the evaluation software.

Easy positioning for alignment

Integrated distance measuring is especially useful for alignment if the measuring point to be processed has to be approached with utmost precision. In these cases, integrated distance measuring allows for easy positioning-or, if required, verification-of the corresponding measuring point without the need to calculate the distance to the measuring point.

Increased reliability through integrated plausibility check

Thanks to the integrated distance measuring feature, measuring and alignment becomes more reliable since it is virtually impossible to mix up the measuring points. The plausibility check compares the measuring point with the current receiver position in order to ensure that the receiver is located at the correct position.   

Greater precision thanks to effective distance measurement values

Distance measuring helps improve measuring accuracy, because regression analysis for straightness can utilise effective distance measurement values as opposed to calculated values. For determining the position of the receiver, the accuracy of +/- 1 mm for measuring the Z axis is more than sufficient. 

How it works

The GEPARD 3D constantly calculates the distance between the transmitter module and the reflector, which is attached to the GEPARD receiver, by measuring the time of flight. A short laser pulse is emitted, and the system then measures the time the laser pulse needs to travel back to the source. The distance between transmitter and reflector is calculated using the velocity of light, with the refractive index of the surrounding medium (air) automatically factored into the equation.

The measured distance values are then transmitted to the data evaluating computer, along with the remaining data, using wireless technology (Bluetooth). All data is subsequently processed by the WIN-GEPARD software. In order to utilise the distance measuring feature in WIN-GEPARD, a specific activation code is required. This can be obtained from RAYTEC SYSTEMS.